Pliny's Correspondents

Below is a list of Pliny's correspondents. You may use the form below to filter the results by nomina or social class. 'Citizen' denotes those correspondents for whom their only status was citizenship (as compared to the more exclusive equestrian or senatorial orders). To search for a particular nomina, simply hit the Enter key after typing a name.

Ordo (Social Class) Filters

100 correspondents.

NominaOrdo (Social Class)Letters To
Sosius SenecioSenatorial (cos.)1.13, 4.4
Statius SabinusCitizen (Not Equestrian or Senatorial)4.10, 6.18
Titius AristoEquestrian5.3, 8.14
Vibius SeverusCitizen (Not Equestrian or Senatorial)3.18, 4.28
Cornelius TitianusCitizen (Not Equestrian or Senatorial)1.17, 9.32
Iulius ServianusSenatorial (cos.)3.17, 6.26
Iulius SparsusSenatorial (cos.)4.5, 8.3
Licinius SuraSenatorial (cos.)4.30, 7.27
Quintilius Valerius MaximusSenatorial8.24
AciliusCitizen (Not Equestrian or Senatorial)3.14
Satrius RufusSenatorial9.35
Sentius AugurinusSenatorial (cos.)9.8
Iunius AvitusSenatorial2.6
Baebius HispanusEquestrian1.24, 6.25
Baebius MacerSenatorial3.5
Calpurnius FlaccusCitizen (Not Equestrian or Senatorial)5.2
CalvinaCitizen (Not Equestrian or Senatorial)2.4
Catilius SeverusEquestrian1.22, 3.12
Celer / Caecilius CelerSenatorial (cos.)7.17
CerialisSenatorial (cos.)2.19