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Some individuals may appear more than once. These are individuals where identification is uncertain. Roman naming conventions make for difficulty in this process.


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Nomina Class (Highest known) Letters
Septicius Clarus Equestrian 1.1, 1.15, 7.28, 8.1
Severus Citizen (Not Equestrian or Senatorial) 6.27, 9.22
Silius Proculus Citizen (Not Equestrian or Senatorial) 3.15
Sosius Senecio Senatorial (cos.) 1.13, 4.4
Statius Sabinus Citizen (Not Equestrian or Senatorial) 4.10, 6.18
Suetonius Tranquillus Equestrian 1.18, 3.8, 5.10, 9.34
Terentius Iunior Equestrian 8.15, 9.12
Terentius Scaurus Senatorial 5.12
Titinius Capito Equestrian 5.8
Titius Aristo Equestrian 5.3, 8.14