Force Directed Network Visualization

This is an experimental visualization that draws from the live database and uses a force directed weighting for each connection (based on mentions and letters written to a person).

Purple/Dark Purple = Senatorial; larger dot = consular
Green = Equestrian
Teal = Roman Citizen (status unknown)

Doughnut Chart of Correspondents' Social Class

Network Visualization

The chart above outlines an initial sample of Pliny's social network and analysis thereof. The sort is based on weighted closeness based on a rough calculation where a mention or letter written to someone = weight + 1. Edges are all reciprocal and are not shown here for visibility's sake. Also reflected in sort location but not in ranked closeness are some preliminary additions of interconnections between contacts. Some points to note are the cluster of close contacts from Como, Italy and Tifernum in the inner rings. There are also demonstrably several senatorial contacts with a pattern of 2-3 letters within a second to last rung that may reflect Pliny's editorial decisions. (This is a preliminary guess.)